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Win RS3gold 60% off 3500M rs3 cheap gold &Learn third RuneScape Winter Weekends


The offcial site announced that the third winter weekend will begin on the middle dec, there are some details for you all looking through and meantime don't forget to gain 60% off total 3500M buy rs3 gold & 500M osrs gold this friday.

RS Winter Weekend 3 – Combat & Slayer

The Weekend 3 of RuneScape Winter Weekends 2018 begins on December 14 and runs until December 17. The theme of the third weekend is Combat and Slayer, and during this period you can enjoy a series of bonuses when doing combat and slayer activities.

Details of 3rd RuneScape Winter Weekend 2018

You can obtain one more charm from all charm drops.
There is increased chance to gain rare drops and enhanced lucky items.
Slayer experience is increased by 25%.
All new tasks acted as if you use a Slayer VIP ticket.
50% more shattered anima is awarded in Shattered Worlds.
Instance fees are 10% cheaper.
You are able to loot from Mazcab Raids once every day during this weekend in RuneScape Winter Weekend 2018.
You may choose your Boss Slayer assignments over the weekend.
You have more chance to catch ushabti RuneScape.
There is increase rate of dropping torn grimoire pages from Solak.

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