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After The Temple of Aminishi and The Dragonkin Laboratory, the RS official team will release the last RuneScape Elite Dungeon, The Shadow Reef in February 2019. You will meet a new boss, the Ambassador?in the dungeon. Besides powerful rewards, The Shadow Reef will bring changes to the former two dungeons.Can't miss Rs3gold 60% off 3500M rs gold for sale on Dec14&upcoming The Shadow Reef.

What is The Shadow Reef?

Located in the Sunken Darkness, The Shadow Reef will be the last one of the three Elite Dungeons. And there will be nothing required to enter this dungeon. The Shadow Reef will get inspiration from?the story lines of Pieces of Hate,?Nomad's Elegy,?Til Death Do Us Part, and the?Pirate quest series. Therefore, it’ll feature The Ambassador, a character you have met in the aforementioned quests, as its new boss. The man was once a noble Dragonkin, but later twisted by Xau-Tak. He will help Xau-Tak?to gain access into Gielinor. Your mission will be preventing him from doing so, or at least stall his progress.

What will The Shadow Reef bring?

The Shadow Reef will bring quite a great impact. First, it’ll bring the Elite Dungeon Trilogy to the end. Second, there will be new boss and semi-bosses, as well as new rewards for you. Though the rewards has not come out, it will at least be as powerful as the tier 92 gear in the former two dungeons. It will also influence the other two dungeons. Players will no longer be required to enter the first dungeon to enter the second one. There will also be an increase in codex drop rates. As for the drop rate, it will be increased by some certain skill element like keeping alive.
As the third RS Elite Dungeon, The Shadow Reef will certainly be a huge surprise for players. Let’s meet The Ambassador in February 2019?and strive to stop Xau-Tak?from getting into Gielinor. If you need Cheap RS gold, you can always come and get some from our site.

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