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Top shop Rs3gold offer runescape cash with $10 cash coupon for Moia RuneScape Character

A good news here old school runescape has announced in game. Moia RuneScape maybe some players’ favourite character

Recently during an event running from Sep 28, a RuneScape tainted shard mentions her name when it is fully charged, which has taken?much notice and raised some is Top shop Rs3gold offer rs gold cheap with $10 cash coupon for you enjoy Moia RuneScape in the progress of your game.

Dialogue from RuneScape tainted shard at 4K charges

If you have logged in after 00:00 UTC on September 28, you must find a tainted shard in your inventory or at Diango. The tainted shard can hold up to 4,000 charges, and with a tainted shard being fully charged you can see the following dialogue which relates to Moia RuneScape:
You can hear a distant voice echoing within the fragment...
“Do you...”
“...really think...”
“ can save...”

Will there be new contents about Moia RuneScape?

As the dialogue mentions Moia’s name, it may make you recall the Fremennik Saga Nadir, which tells the tale of Moia’s search for Bilrach. There have been four choices, and two of them show that Moia follows Bilrach to the bottom of Daemonheim.
With the dialogue from tainted shard it can be speculated there will be the new story of Moia RuneScape. Furthermore, there was a tag of #RuneFest2018 when RuneScape officially posted the screenshot of Interact Tainted Shard on Twitter.?

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