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This week, the Player Owned Farm has been fixed a lot, like adding RuneScape animal pen kit to Farmers’ Market. In addition, some Grand Exchange improvements have been implemented in-game to offer a better experience. Obtain Rs3gold 8% off rs gold cheap for Grand exchange and RuneScape update

What changed have been made to Player Owned Farm?
1.There is Balthazar added to the POH.
2.Players can use noted raw sailfish on feeding farm troughs.
3.Players can only breed the Royal dragons in super secret farming methods.
4.Players will no longer become stuck in the windmill as part of The Chosen Commander quest.
5.Manure buckets will now pay attention to your ‘Destroy empty buckets when farming’ preference, instead of being destroyed every time regardless.
6.With master farmer outfit worn, white lilies can be planted without vanishing once again.
7.From Granny Potterington on the Farmers’ Market, Players can purchase animal pen kits, which include: small (500 beans), medium (1500 beans) & large (2500 beans). And these allow you to build the animal pen without using planks or nails.

How has Grand Exchange been improved?
To make the GA experience a little more enjoyable, there are some improvements to Grand Exchange released, such as:
1. You are able to place a new, identical offer with a single button press via selecting “Collect and repeat”when canceling an offer.
2. you can also right -click an entry in your GR history and repeat that offer.
3. The size of your GE sale history will be doubled to 20 transactions, while clicking on an item in the GE will not clear the search box.


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