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Get Rs3gold runescape gold for sale with $10 voucher for Double XP Weekend with Skilling Backpack


The second RuneScape Double XP Weekend?in 2018 is coming soon on Aug 31st. Have you made some preparation for the event? If you feel unclear, read our advice below and seize the chance of more XP bonus with the skilling backpack. And you can easily buy rs 3 gold from us.

How to prepare for RuneScape Double XP Weekend ?

RuneScape Double XP Weekend?is coming?soon?on August 31?to September?3,?2018. Before the event?starts, you can make some preparation in order to maximise efficiency and experience gains when it?comes.?Here are some of the choices:
1. Stock up on large amounts of skilling resources through the Grand Exchange. As RuneScape Double XP Weekend?is a time-limited event, you can preferentially choose fast but expensive skills.
2. Play Treasure Hunter. Protean items and sources of bonus experience?can be obtained there. You can also earn or buy some keys.
3. Buy portable skilling stations?from Treasure Hunter.

Combine double XP with RuneScape skilling backpack

Don’t forget there is a chance now to get free RuneScape skilling backpack?from TH until Aug 28, which can be combined with the double XP weekend to give you more experience. If you wear the skilling?backpack while training, there will be?random drops of skilling supplies, including:
Advanced pulse core
Large prismatic lamp
Magic notepaper (x100)
Medium dungeoneering token box
Prismatic large fallen star
Prismatic small fallen star
Royal battleship kit (x2)
Small prismatic lamp
Additionally, each item drop from RuneScape skilling backpack will also activate a 10% XP boost for 10 minutes, which stacks with the?double XP weekend.

If you need to stock up resources for RuneScape Double XP Weekend, you can also choose to buy RS3 gold ?from . Now $3 off code “UPF3 ” (for $40+), $5 off code “UPF5 ” (for $60+) and $10 off code “UPF10 ” (for $120+) are all valid for RuneScape gold until August 28. Never miss the good chance!


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