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One more big update Player Owned Farm will be released with September 3, 2018, and various kinds of animals. Today we will share what the to-do list as its tutorial and various kind of animals, like RuneScape Zygomites.Hurry up to get Rs3gold 8% discount runescape gold for coming Player Owned Farm.

Specific release date for Player Owned Farm andh the to-do list of tutorial

If you are an animal-rearing enthusiast, you will find yourself very thrilled about the release of Player Owned Farm RuneScape in game, that is certainly set on the 3rd of September. And you have to first start off the tutorial after speaking with Granny Potterington. Then you will:
Pick up Jack the jak;
Sell Jack to Prezleek;
Buy a deed for a small pen;
Feed a pair of rabbits in it;
Breed a baby rabbit with those two rabbits;
Sell the baby to another visiting buyer.
After all of this, you have completed the tutorial.

Various kinds of animals you can feed on the place like Zygomites

You can put livestock in your pens and raise them, and there are many kinds of animals you can feed, including: rabbit, chicken, chinchompas, sheep, spiders, cows, yaks, dragons, and zygomites.

Please note that the animals have two states,“checked”and“unchecked”. The unchecked animals will be bankable and will stack in the player's bank. Besides, when the animal is under the “checked”state, it cannot stack inside the bank and will own special stats


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