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Earn completionist cape & RS3gold runescape 3 gold buy with $10 cash coupon

Many RS players know that the more parts you completed , the more goodies you will get . all rs players may want to obtain the completionist cape-after you finish all mayjor content in game,but how and why you are eager to gain it? and you should better to earn completionist cape & RS3gold rs gold for sale with $10 cash coupon

How can you get it?

When it is said you have to complete all major content to get the cape, it means you have to:
? increase all skills to 99 or 120 level (where available);
? complete all given quests;
? get all of the achievements possible (some require Hard or Elite, others can be passed with and Easy difficulty);
? unlock various spells, music tracks;
? recover various memories;
? construct storylines, find various artefacts.

Of course, if you want a detailed list, you can always check RuneScape wiki page which lists all of the requirements. There are many of them, but the completionist cape sure is worth it.


Perks of the cape

You can find various capes in RuneScape – it’s the Max cape or Spirit, Soul Wars or God, or others: the type depends on your achievements. And naturally, depending on the achievements and the cape you get bonuses for your upcoming adventures.

The cape which you get for completing most of the content (that’s why it’s called “completionist”) has quite the benefits for the players:
? Combat bonuses like strength (+43) and ranged (+43);
? Magic bonuses (+43);
? More life points (+300);
? Better armor (defense +65).

The cape can also be customized according to your style preferences.

Naturally, this cape is not for everyone: some people do not enjoy skilling part of the game and stick only to the quests. But completionist cape perfectly shows other players that you took your time in this game and achieved glorious victories, explored most of what the game has to offer and you now are a seasoned veteran.

All in all, if you eager to get it, you may need to get amount of rs gold to achieve this goal. Never forget is your best sellection.

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