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OSRS 6th Birthday&snap up RS3gold 8% off cheapest rs 3 gold til Feb26

This week's February lauched the 6th birthday of OSRS,What an exciting thing now, RS players gradually growing their skill and join in the new part of the game carved its own distinct identity within the RuneScape universe. So now you can enjoy OSRS 6th Birthday&snap up RS3gold 8% off rs gold for sale til Feb26 .

The OSRS team are marking the birthday with a small holiday event. Beneath the Falador Party Room, in the underground museum, the artisans have opened the exhibition of major updates from the last 12 months, and a selection of RuneScape’s familiar faces have gathered for a party.

The Cook from Lumbridge Castle has appeared in Falador to cater for this party and, in a nod to our oldest quest, he’s going to need an assistant. Meet him in Falador, in the museum below the Party Room, and see what he needs. Hint: Bring your own cabbage.? There’s a cake in it for you. A big one. You’ll also get to unlock all the items and emotes from previous years’ birthday celebrations.

Birthday Livestream
Make sure to join on the OSRS team's Twitch channel? on Friday 22nd at 3pm GMT to further celebrate Old School's 6th birthday! They'll spend this time to look back on the history of Old School. You can also expect lot's of stats and information from analytics team.

Merch Store Update
To coincide with Old School's 6th birthday, they're adding lots of new merch to our store alongside the livestream! You can expect some new pins and keyrings from AngelsScapes including a commemorative 6th Birthday Gnome Child.

Anyway, wish you all enjoy this big event,and if need? RS3gold offer you cheap rs gold on our site regularly.


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