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Detail of Rs mobile &gain Rs3gold buy rs3 gold with 9% off

Despite being in the market for more than 15 years, RuneScape still remains a popular game in different platforms. It doesn't get as many players as it used to, with 20,000 players on Runescape 3 at any given time. Despite this, a lot of people still love the game for the nostalgia and the new mechanics they implemented.

Before, a lot of people wanted a way to play RuneScape on mobile devices. But with the announcement made by the creators themselves, it seems that the mobile version will be out soon. Here are some Detail of Rs mobile &gain Rs3gold runescape 2007 gold mobile with 9% discount:

Mobile Platforms You Can Play RuneScape In

Right now, the platforms you can play this game on are the Android and iOS systems. After the beta tests finish, the full game will come to both Google Play and the iOS App Store. What this means for both old and new players is that there's no need to convert to other platforms to play RS mobile.

Unfortunately for Windows Phone and Linux Users, the game isn't available in these platforms. However, that might change in the future so stay tuned.

Mobile Players Will Play on the Same Server

For those worried that they'll need to power-level in RuneScape again, rejoice! You don't need to make a new account for the mobile version of the game. Once you download the app, it can connect you to the existing game worlds and you can go on quests with PC users.

The developers said that they have no plans to make mobile-exclusive servers and content. That means they won't develop a separate mobile-friendly version of the game.

The RuneScape Mobile Game is Free

The app itself won't cost you anything to download. It's not a good feeling to pay for something you already own in the first place. This is possible

because you share your account for both the PC and mobile versions.

This means you won't need to pay an extra subscription fee when you download RuneScape mobile. For members, you'll get the full access to all of RuneScape's available worlds as well as member-exclusive content. Otherwise, you can still play on non-member worlds.

In addition, RS mobile won't feature microtransactions. It's a great money saver so you can spend on other things you need to prioritize.

RuneScape Mobile Runs Smoothly

At the moment, the specifications you need are still unclear. However, the dev team wants to ensure that RuneScape mobile is accessible to as many devices as possible. The desktop version of the game doesn't need high-end gaming PCs to function properly, so it's assumed that it's the same for the mobile as well.

It doesn't hurt to get the most out of your experience by getting better devices. After all, it's expected for RuneScape to run at 60fps on the latest devices. The devs even plan to make improvements on the interface scaling to ensure that you aren't penalized for better screens.

The Game Won't Eat Too Much Mobile Data

The devs shocked everyone when their initial assessment was that the game gobbled up data at an average of 103MB per hour. Recent tests showed a lot of improvement, thankfully. Now, with the beta tests underway, it showed that you only consume an average of 500KB to 2MB of data per hour.

Take note that the actual experience might change depending on your situation. After all, the game will instead come as a 100MB-game instead of the initial 30MB. The reason is due to the pre-caching of data to lower the mobile data you consume.

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