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Snap up RS3gold rs money with $10 voucher&learn bank placeholders shelved

Recently Jagex mod announce the bank rework and bank placeholders have been shelved, so they give some reason about this problems, let's learn more about this thing and gain runescape gold with up to $10 cash coupon on RS3gold.

Bank rework & bank placeholders shelved

Yesterday the reddit user Kresbot posted the screenshot of Mod Poerkie’s words, which announced RuneScape bank rework and bank placeholders have been shelved:
RuneScape bank rework
In the Runescape Reveals segment at RuneFest 2016, it was first mentioned the bank update was under development. The bank rework was once planned to release during the second half of 2017; however, the development was paused due to the working on RuneScape Mobile. Now we have to accept the fact that Jagex has no plan to work on the bank rework and RuneScape bank placeholders.

Explanation for RuneScape bank from Jagex

Mod Hunter then gave an explanation for the decision on the bank rework and bank placeholders. He explained everything has been shelved for a long time. It doesn’t mean it would never be picked up in future, but that the benefits the rework offers don’t offer as much as the team could get from other smaller engine features that have also been requested over the years. The team has looked into the technical complexity, but until months after they found it was not possible, different from what they felt like at the beginning.

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