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Why not to get 8% off deadman rs gold to join coming DMM Winter Season

OSRS team announced that deadman spring season is coming 2019,and After the thrilling Winter competitions, we should look ahead and walk into the Deadman Spring Season 2019 and fight for the new the same time , our site also offer the cheap Buy Cheap Deadman Spring Season Gold for you all fans.

The outcome of DMM Winter Season

The OSRS team has announced hrnonlcolpar as the winner of the Winter Finals. The victory of hrnonlcolpar could be a surprise to most people. Compared with the famous EoMeri from famous RS team Fool, hrnonlcolpar is quite an unnoticed player. Even before his victory, the focus of people’s attention had been on Demonic Bolt. But it was the unexpected black horse who won the competition and claimed the $ 20,000 prize. And Demonic Bolt was announced as the runner-up and claimed $ 1,000 prize. Congratulations to both of the excellent players and thanks for their amazing performance in the game.

The coming of the new DMM Spring Season

The end of the Winter Tournament was also the beginning of the new Spring Season. The OSRS team has been preparing to embrace the new Season with more bonus and fun. The new Season will last till Jan. 11. You will see that the team has increased the drop rates and XP caps of skills. You can also see new things like new NPC this Season. Like other Seasons, the Spring Season, will consist of two main part: a seasonal part for all OSRS member, and a invitational part for top 2,000 players. We will follow up the further details of this event and give you the latest news.

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